WIAW – Buying in Bulk and North Table run

WIAW – What I Ate Wednesday

When I woke up I had several cups of black tea. Alternating between Irish Breakfast and “Double Bergamot Earl Grey” by Stash.  From my amateur perspective on drinking tea, if you like your black tea strong go with Irish Breakfast, if you like a more “floral” tea go with Earl Grey. I wish the Stash tea was stronger. Good thing I bought a box of 100 on Amazon. I like some of the other Stash teas and I like Earl Gray tea, so I used my powers of deduction to make a semi-regrettable decision. The lemon was to salvage it.


I made a pumpkin buckwheat bake and put lots o’ almond butter and walnuts on top. I ate it while reading Atlas Shrugged. I’M ALMOST DONE AND I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN AND THERE’S A 379 PAGE MONOLOGUE STANDING IN MY WAY. I’m already sold on libertarianism from this book, I don’t need 40 more pages of convincing…


I went on a 6 mile run at North Table Mountain with a friend. The weather this fall has been spectacular – mild and sunny – and it was nice to be out in blue skies + fall colors.

North Table Mtn
Is this artsy?

My friend made lots of homemade bread and gave me a loaf!!!! She freaking ground the wheat herself and used honey from her grandparents’ farm to sweeten it.


I had two slices with butter and jelly with some eggs that had too much spinach and not enough cheese. I really dislike large clumps of cooked spinach and that’s what this was all about.


I went to work in the afternoon and packed all my trusty foods that don’t take a lot of time to eat and don’t make me feel nauseous given my perpetual nervous stomach. It is the same as the last picture I took:


As usual, the evening went fast. At the end of my shift I ate this guy from Costco.

Macaroon Crunch Bar

When we were up in Estes Park my friend’s mom had these and they were pretty delicious as far as these types of bars go. So I bought a pack of 48 (Noticing a theme? Rampant consumerism?).

Healthy candy bar in disguise?

The end.


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