Desert Paradise

Before moving to Colorado I didn’t know too much about the slice of heaven that is Moab, Utah.

I had seen pictures of the Delicate Arch and watched videos of beautiful models crack climbing in Indian Creek. But the likelihood of death by snakes and/or dehydration kept me away for a while.

Then some nursing school friends wanted to go out for a long weekend. Somewhere between hiking in Arches National Park and climbing the seemingly endless sandstone, I become a convert. When can I move there?

2013-03-20_Ashley's Spring Break Trip to Moab 167.JPG
Delicate Arch

So in between then and now, we have gone to Moab three more times.

There are so many activities to choose from!!

We have gone climbing in Indian Creek.

Indian Creek
Poor attempt at crack climbing

We have hiked in Canyonlands National Park.

Big Spring and Elephant Canyons Loop:

“We” “mountain biked” the Slick Rock Trail. I walked my bike about 70% of the day. Not the right trail for the first time mountain biking, oops..

Lookit those mountains
Lookit those mountains


We went canyoneering in Granary Canyon.

We need more helmets/stuff

On our last trip we went with some friends to Robber’s Roost. Roadtrip Ryan’s site provided some good info.

There was canyoneering in White Roost. And there was canyoneering in the North Fork of Robber’s Roost. One of those canyons involved rappelling into a cold, murky water pit that produced a lot of good shrieking/wailing.

2015-04-10_Canyoneering Robbers Roost Moab 164.JPG
Every piece of soft gear/clothing got shredded. Lesson learned: bring only crappy or re-inforced gear into a canyon like this.

Basically the Moab area is a gigantic playground and I look forward to moving there forever.

The end.



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  1. lfish64 says:

    I love Southern Utah. Be in the mountains or desert in minutes.


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